Audi showroom fan art

I like Audi.
When looking at the gallery, this car often appears.
In fact the architecture Perth is completely different in its picture in terms of the expression of the car.
For example, if there is an end user who wishes to purchase a house, the car in the rendering is unintentionally imprinted by "something's value or status" by something.
If there is a luxury car in the picture, I think that nature, "This house has a high status".
Of course it is a premise that we know it.

Depending on the customer, there are extremely rare cases such as "I like a car like ○ ○ because the other side likes ○ ○".
Because there are things owned data, there are things that will not come true, but we are doing our best.
As you can see, the car's own power is extremely large, making it complementary to the picture many times more attractive.
In the past, I was composing a car in 2D, Photoshop, but in the recent high-end CG Perth all cars are full CG.
Of course rendering which I make in the studio is also full CG main.
Even one of the scenes such as cars observes over a considerable amount of time, repeats rendering, and produces a more realistic picture.
There are considerable variations in what is realism depending on the scene, and setting according to that picture is necessary.
Especially for advertisements, I will make images until I am satisfied until I see how I think and how to reflect.
For that reason, observation of daily things is indispensable.
Although I wrote as "appendix" a while ago, it is a supporting role even though it is an adjunct to the last.
In the same way, rendering also needs a supporting role so that the name supporting role makes the drama better.

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