Software production environment

Software production environment

What is often asked is "What software do you use?"
Since customers are also many building-related people, there are also many people who draw their own perspectives and knowledge as it is.
I have also tried a lot, but now I am using Autodesk's 3dsMax.
Since any Autodesk product is expensive, many rendering companies, even 3dsMax, use the old version as it is.
Autodesk has also moved to subscription, and those currently signing it can naturally use the latest version every year.
However, it is true that the latest version is often not stable.
The version used in the studio is 2017. This spring spring 2018 will refrain from using.
Since version 2017 natively supports Windows10, it is inevitably using this version.
Modeling is done with 3ds Max and rendering is using V-Ray.
In the genre of architectural visualization, we conclude that this combination is the best.
Most of the production companies that draw high-end CG
rendering such as advertisements will be this combination.
With 3dsMax it is possible to build up to a very fine place.
There are many places where it is hard to do if it is another inexpensive application, and after all it is somewhat insufficient to aim for high-end CG.
Besides SketchUp, CINEMA 4D, MODO, and so on are also used mostly in architectural visualization.
These applications can create similar images, but the influence of the renderer's V-Ray, plug-in, and script is great and it can not be used as usual.
Especially V-Ray is the 3dsMax version as the development speed is the fastest, the time taken to create the picture and the quality will increase accordingly.
The kind and script of the plugin are abundant enough to not tolerate others.
Of course, although it is biased that it has been familiar for many years, I also think that it is not a mistake.

I am also studying new applications and others.
There are advantages and disadvantages for each, so I'd like to pursue a good one.

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