Rendering in the corridor inside the apartment

Rendering in the corridor inside the apartment

I added a gallery.
This work is "inner corridor". It is an original work.
In the case of an apartment advertisement, the architectural
rendering of the inner corridor is used frequently.
The recent luxury condominium is in the inner corridor like this, it will not be exposed to the outside air.
For that reason, it is a comfortable space regardless of the outside temperature for the inhabitants, so that they can give a luxurious feel like a hotel.
In addition to advertising, it becomes a scenery to watch everyday, so it will be a very appealing

Since this time it is an original work, I was able to make it very luxurious.
However, since I am not an architect, I had difficulty in document collection and planning.
When studying the latest condominium, it seems that there are many carpets in the inner corridor where the cross is wood tone and the floor is many.

I put a contrast like this, I drew it so that the impression of luxury and breath looked better, darkly adjusted the illuminance, I tried to shine the light.
I think that it was good to put plants or plants in the back, but when placing natural things here, the atmosphere like a hotel will be damaged a little.

If I have time, I often study original works and to improve my skills, but I always worry about what I will make next time.

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