Hokuriku architectural exploration tour Yoshio Taniguchi I have seen architecture

Do you have a favorite architect?I am doing this work for many, so I like architecture without exception.The real estate industry is a little different from the building industry, and I like architecture, so it's an impression that people who do Perth shops and people who do Carsoning are greatly divided because they do.I am fortunate for both.As I mentioned at the beginning, of course, my favorite architect exists.This is Mr. Yoshio Taniguchi.People who are not in the building industry may not know, but there are no people who do not know about it in the construction industry.It was around my school days when I first learned Taniguchi architecture.Anyway, I was looking for my favorite taste architecture at this time.Of course I love the architecture of the teacher such as Tadao Ando, ​​but Taniguchi architecture is exceptional in me.I have not found a good expression, but I just think that it is "beautiful anyway".Even if it is a sash or automatic door of the entrance, even if it is a pictogram of the toilet, it is beautiful anyway.
The introduction became longer, but it went to Kanazawa a while ago.Kanazawa is a city I really like and I will go there about once a year.In me, "Kanazawa is said to be" the city of art ", which is an image that you feel will increase when you go.I also hope that I can reflect on what I got there actually on what I draw or make.The first visit was the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.It is SANAA architecture.

The exhibition viewed the boundary between craft and design.This same product of ancient times is being exhibited with a commentary, for example, if it is a telephone, this design is such a design, the latest design is like this.It looks like it.A work product that can also be called "design craft" or "craft design".It was not only fun to watch but merely made me think a lot.
Although I stayed at Kaga Onsen, there was a public bath with Taniguchi architecture that I wanted to see once by chance by chance.Kaga Katayamatsu Onsen Total hot water.It became news a while ago and I was concerned very much as it was featured in various magazines.Although I did not know the place, I was in the nose of the hotel where I stayed and I went for the first thing in the morning.It is a popular public bath built on the lake shore.It is still beautiful.I do not think that it is a public bath for a quick glance.

There is a cafe and a terrace in the 2nd floor, and a lot of light comes in.It seems that men and women will change with the daily change of the main bath.It was warm water. However, as it is in winter, the color saturation is somewhat low .... I thought that lagoon hot water was better overlooking the lake ...It was very satisfying with sentai too bathy.

In Kanazawa, there is Suzuki Daisaku Kan in Taniguchi.I went here several years ago.Here is also recommended.In Kanazawa, I also went to the library called Omiramirai library.There are lots of holes, which is also an attractive building.Even from the inside it was a masterpiece.


When I travel somewhere, I like to watch the famous architecture on the spot.I think that I would like to cherish such time as it is because there are not many opportunities.

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