Having "commitment"

Having "commitment"

I'd like to write blog as much as nothing.I have strong stiffness especially for stationery.The design office that used to work was the beginning.It is influence from senior at that time.Often having a lot of writing instruments, such as a pencil or a pencil, I was taught there that "I have a commitment to what I wear and what I use everyday."I feel better when the writing taste changesPen is seen by customers even at meetingsThe persuasive power risesHave good things, have high consciousnessManufacturing people should try to worry about such small thingsWhen writing a letter fountain pen is easier to convey feelings

... and so many things have been noticed.Since then I have become committed to what I use as a work tool.I do not buy it like crazy now, but at that time I bought a high ballpoint pen etc. anyhow well.Among them, there are many things that are certainly easy to use, and I use it for everyday use, for meetings, for writing letters, and so on.My favorite is lottering.It is famous as a stationery manufacturer in Germany.It is simple and easy to use, and design is high anyway.

This picture is a ballpoint pen of Waterman.The concept of this series called "perspective" is "architecture"Is there any other pen suitable for us?There is also a fountain pen model here, and I have two of them, gold and silver.It is better than ease of use, is not it?

I think that whatever it is is good."Having a commitment"Even in clothes, wording, work.I think that small things may be fine.Even if not noticed by anyone.To tell the job only, I stick to a few pixels of the picture.It is to put small highlights or small reflections.Le Corbusier's word has the famous word "God lives in details".He preached that the details of the architecture are all, but nothing is limited to architecture, it applies to anything.You can interpret "sticking" as well.I believe that such small little commitment will play a big role when it eventually becomes an aggregate.

It was a story saying "I am going to have a" commitment "because the story is small but it can be small.

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