Detached town rendering

Continuing from the previous
rendering, it is the second bullet.
The previous work was a day scene, but this time it's drunk.
Although it is dusky, I am making a vivid picture of purple.

戸建街並み建築パース薄暮Detached townscape architecture rendering goddess
How about compared with the day view?
I think it is getting dramatic and scenic.
Even saying "evening scenery" as a single thing, the expression in the evening is very wide.
What kind of pictures will appear on my head as you listen in the evening?
When I started
rendering, I imagined what was covered with orange light.
Sure it is OK, but if it is one orange color, some nostalgic emotions will come out.
Of course, although it became a picture I wanted to express, it became a thing which is out of the concept of advertisement.
In the evening of orange, a time when the sun fell a little from noon, a dull god called also blue moment.
There is also a purple evening like this picture.
The comparison of this picture is interesting, I think that I will draw a sunset scene with a little different taste, and a night view.
Again, having color has a huge power, and changing the tone also changes the expression of the picture.

There is one thing that has changed in
rendering compared with the daytime scenery.
The car is running.
Rendering in the late time is that there are many people who put the car in the car without putting out, but since it is still in the evening, it is setting that I am going somewhere from now.
By the effect of the head light and flare etc., it becomes a more dynamic Perth.
Petting is not so different, but by expressing these details, more interesting images are born.

From here we will be talking about pricing.
Production fee for evening scenery and night view is cost more than option as compared with normal daytime view.
The reason for this is because "it needs to be drawn more" and "it takes time to write".
It's handling as an option because the difficulty level will be higher than the normal
However, it becomes a very attractive thing as a picture.
For example, in the case of competition, in the case of advertisement, when you want to give an impact to the other side more, the sunset scenery and the night view scenery are very effective.
Until the atmosphere of the planting and the atmosphere of the leaves, I draw in very fine details.
If there is time I thought that I could do it once I slept once and refreshed the next day and I will review it again and I will brush up the picture.
Furthermore, it is also possible to make a simple animation of a
rendering created with multiple pieces.
It is also possible to express the transition of time between the daytime and the night view.
It is perfect for a presentation and this also has an impact.

I will upload another pattern picture later, so please expect it!!!!

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